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Voice Over Production

Every Story Needs a Voice, Let us connect you with the right voice. 

About Us

About Voice Over Production​

We are a voice over agency and audio production company based in Johannesburg. We provide the following voice over services 

  • Script Writing
  • Providing Voice-Over Artists 
  • Voice Over Pre Production (Recording)
  • Voice Over Post Production (Editing, Arranging, Mixing and Mastering)
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Our Works

  • Sangoma’ character Voice Over Production
  • Song Recording, mixing and mastering
  • Beat Production
  • Song mixing and mastering
  • Vocal recording
    • Uncle (1:31)
    • Taxi Driver (3:32)
    • Tompo (3:52 )
    • Rato (Female) 4:43 
  • Script Writing
  • Beat Production
  • Audio Mixing and Mastering
  • Voice Over Production

How it works

Voice over production is the process of capturing a raw voice recording, with the purpose or aim to use it an a form of media such as commercial, tv, educational video and more.

Anybody can record a voice over at home but not everyone has the right voice, Here at PRBMLTiC Productions, we have worked on many projects where we get to meet and work with the most talented voice over artists with a unique story to tell. We can match the voice for your project or you can listen to our sample voice overs.

If your voice over is about happiness, you need a bright happy voice. Take the advantage of what a naturally talented voice can do for you or your business. And of cos, a natural voice needs to be natured the right way. 

We have engineers with over 10 years of experience in the audio production, best believe we know how to use and maximise our tools. 

We have affordable rates as we understand and mastered the production. 


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