About Us

What we all about

At PRBLMTIC (Problematic) Productions, we offer quality audio production services such as Music Production (Vocal Recording, Mixing, and Mastering), Podcast RecordingVoice-over Recording, and Beat/Instrumental Production.

Our recording studio is based in JHB, Maboneng Precinct which is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world (according to Forbes magazine). Integrating the heritage of our location, creativity and freedom are the languages we speak.

Our producers and engineers are passionate about audio production. We are known for our crisp and clear audio quality which poses a problem for our competitors.

Our goal is to establish a new market in the growing and evolving entertainment environment for upcoming artists. Our engineers are passionate about music production and we will always give you the best representation of your sound.

Want to Record Your Own Hit?

We are a full service studio featuring the latest technology for our all your projects.